The Motorcycle Collision Map Viewer provides a simple means to explore motorcycle collisions in California. Users can view motorcycle collisions for a city or unincorporated county area and toggle by collision severity or alcohol involvement. The results are summarized in the map and in a list of collisions. The individual collision locations can be seen in a Google Street View profile page or downloaded into a spreadsheet.

To use this tool, click on Motorcycle Map Viewer from the Tools dropdown menu.

1. Select Location

First, select a County/City:

2. Select Factors

Next, the page will open up and the selected location will be loaded onto the map. Users can select:

  • Severity levels (Fatal, Severe Injury, Other Visible Injury or Complaint of Pain)
  • Alcohol Involvement
  • Years

The selected options will automatically update on the map.

The collisions are represented by color-coded symbols. Colors match the severity level and the symbol represents whether or not alcohol was involved.

Collision Severity Alcohol Involvement
No Yes
Injury (Severe)
Injury (Other Visible)
Injury (Complaint of Pain)

By clicking on an individual icon on the map, a summary of the collision details will appear, with a link to the interactive Google Street View profile page.

3. Other Features

Summary Statistics

The total count of collisions by severity and type are shown in the table. The list automatically updates depending on the selected options.

Collision List

A list of collisions that are shown in the map are displayed with several basic fields regarding the location. The distance and direction refer to the offset distance from the secondary road along the primary road. Clicking the CASEID field zooms to the collision on the map.


Click on Print to print out the selected collisions, map, summary statistics, and collision list. Print to a PDF if you need a digital copy of the map and its details.


Click on Download to download the collisions in a spreadsheet (.csv) file. For more information on the meaning of fields, please refer to the SWITRS Help page.