The SWITRS Geographic Information Systems (GIS) style map provides a more map-centric approach to viewing and querying the SWITRS fatal and severe injury collision data.  Users select a county and then have the ability to perform the same query actions in the SWITRS Query & Map tool.  However, there are also options to symbolize the collisions by different types, show other spatial information layers (census tracts, traffic analysis zones, schools, etc.), and spatially select collisions to download using standard GIS operations. 


The page is powered by an ArcGIS Server utilizing the ArcGIS Javascript API provided by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). It is highly recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers to maximize the performance of the application.


The SWITRS GIS map is currently being updated and is not available.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Click Here to Open SWITRS GIS Map.